Mary Lesh

Point. Click. Repeat. Point. Click. Repeat. Point. Click. Well... you get the idea. This is how Mary Lesh spent her days for 30 years as a hobbyist. Her family and friends called her The Paparazzi because casual family events could feel like red carpet shoots with the strobe of her flash. But then, who doesn't want 700 photos of their first day of 8th grade?

At some point, "hobby" turned into "art". She took classes. She built a darkroom in her basement. She read books and magazines. She joined clubs and moderated online forums. She won awards and recognition for her talent. She was published in local magazines and newspapers. She was included in art shows. And perhaps the biggest testament of her success: people paid her.

Now she mixes business with pleasure. Why anyone ever said the two shouldn't be mixed is beyond her. And as she has segued from hobbyist to semi-professional to professional, it has probably been a bit more like: Painstakingly position. Point. Focus. Adjust aperature. Adjust shutter speed. Click. Develop/download. Edit Critique. Repeat with improvements.

Publications: The Highland Inn

International Steampunk Fashions