It's Only Just the Begining

Being a professional photographer has been a dream for a very long time. I began a few years ago with Pinkkiwi Studios, focusing on newborns and children. I loved the children and especially the newborns. The competition was exponential. I honestly don't mind the competition but, I discovered tweens and teens. OMG! I love that age. They love the camera, they are carefree, adventurous and creative but most of all they are FUN! Although I would love to mainly focus on the tweens and teens, I still like weddings, engagements and even boudoir. Pinkkiwi didn't speak for some of those genres so I have evolved to just me! Mary Lesh Photography.

I am off to a bad start already. I am new to taking care of my website content and this new format. I thought I already posted this. I'll get with the program. I promise.