Where Are Your Pictures?

     Do you ever think about printing pictures? Do some of you wonder what is a printed picture? The digital camera but most importantly the cell phone camera has changed how we view pictures. Seriously! When was the last time you printed pictures from your digital camera? Better yet, when was the last time you printed pictures from your cell phone?

external Hard drives-260039.jpg


     We have albums on our computers, on Facebook, on our phones, on CD's and external hard drives but we seldom print these pictures and make albums--like the old days. We seldom print pictures and put them on the walls or in frames because we have them right there at our finger tips. Who needs prints?

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     I have shot weddings, senior shoots, family shoots and everyone asks for the digital files so they can share them on Facebook and Instagram. . .I myself stopped printing for a while. Then one day--don't ask me why, I blew up a picture I took of my husband and put it on canvas. I printed a really good size print. When I picked it up, I was in awe! It was beautiful. Much more beautiful then the digital file I looked at on the computer. Then I blew up some wedding photos on canvas. I fell in love again with printed pictures. Big printed canvas pictures. My daughter had me take pictures of her children and she blew them up and framed them. They look so beautiful on the wall.

     For years I made books out of each vacation. Looking back at them, I am so glad I did that. Some are so old, I can't remember what external hard drive they are on. I think about the digital files and wonder what everyone does with them once they "shared" them. Do you have all your digital files saved someplace safe? Can you find them? Remember when we used floppy disks to hold our data? Then we had the CD and now the jump drive. What is next. Will your files be lost to new technology, corruption or just get lost?



     I remember walking into my mother's house and looking at her long wall of shelves loaded with photos. It was so fun, reminiscing at each picture frame. I am currently building a new home and I plan to have a wall of shelves just to hold pictures. I plan to have the staircase become a gallery of my large canvas pictures of my family. I want to fill the walls with pictures.  Before your pictures are stored on something that becomes obsolete, you might want to think about printing those pictures. You should try it. Start printing and framing and hanging those beautiful family pictures. You won't regret it.