Family Fun

We had a great plan! Seriously, we did. Special outfits were bought, hotels reserved, research on location shooting was done. We were more than ready. We were headed to St Augustine for a family shoot. What we did not check, nor expect, was bad weather. I mean, we went to Florida. We wanted the beach scene. It rained the first day. It started out raining on day 2 but, the sun finally came out. We wanted later in the day anyway. The outfits for the children were for sunny days, all of a sudden our plans were going south. Way south. We had to bundle them up—in ordinary every day clothes. Luckily the boys love their hoodies. The wind was blowing wildly but, we got our pictures. We were thrilled.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Natural is beautiful.

Leclair_low res_logo-4201620.jpg
As they waited for their gummies.